Medical Grade Skin Care

NIA 24: Is a unique product line belonging to the antioxidant family that evens out skin color, reverses sun damage and stimulates collagen production. This product is great for patients with severely sun damaged skin. Our NIA24 exfoliative wash accomplishes the above and is a great “pore opener”.

Obagi: Obagi has been a leader in skin rejuvination for over 40 years! using a proprietary vehicle that enhances penetration of all its antiaginnig products. We also offer a 20% Obagi “blue peel” that can literally “peel away” age spots and wrinkles.

Neocutis: Was originally developed to treat burn victims. it has cultured growth factors that prevent and reverse scarring. The same growth factors have been proven to remove wrinkles and even out color with no irritation.


Please call our office for more information on all of our products.

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